EcoGrill HOME S2


Amount of grilled meat: 8 (kg/h)

Dimensions:  540×550×150 (mm)

Dimensions of the heating surface:  500×370 (mm)

Power P: 3600 (W)

Power cable s:  3×2.5 (mm²)

Voltage / Frequency U(V)/ƒ:  230/1N/50 (Hz)

Working temperature reach T:  6 (minutes)

Adjustable temperature: 50-320°C

NET: 17kg

GROSS: 19kg


They are ideal for use in the apartment, house, on the balcony or inside – your meals will be ready in just a few minutes, and on our grill you can prepare everything-from breakfast to dinner, meat and seafood, as well as all types of vegetables.

Made completely of stainless steel with revolutionary system of the lattice heating surface, you will be thrilled with its practicality, simplicity and speed of use.

Warranty is two years + additional three years after registration of the product on our website.

With every purchased grill you get cleaners and one grill mat, flat, non-sticky teflon pad that you can put as an addition on the heating surface. It is very suitable for grilling of fish, seafood as well as vegetables, cheese and bread. You can also prepare eggs and American pancakes on it.

Difference between this model and the Home L is only in the dimensions and capacity, as well as the amount of the grilled food.

Enjoy your meal!

EcoGrill. Because a grill means holiday!

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